Ancient Greece had Hercules, the Romans had Jupiter; Lawyers have "The Rainmaker"
  I have known Lisa Goldstein for several years, and worked with her at Kelly Law Registry, formerly known as Wallace Law Registry. Lisa began as a legal recruiter and ascended to Managing Director. This entity's legal division was national with offices in fifteen major cities. Our division specialized in consultative services, legal staffing and placement of attorneys, paralegals and litigation support staff, serving law firms and global legal departments. Of special note is Lisa's work on the DuPont Legal account. As you may know, DuPont is a world-class science company with a wide-ranging legal department; its leading-edge model includes over forty law firms nationwide. In this capacity, Lisa and I worked very closely. Lisa has incredible focus, an ability to forecast trends, and excellent problem recognition and problem solving skills. Client generation is her forte.

When working on marketing projects of such magnitude as DuPont and other large scale assignments, Lisa demonstrated a special ability to break things down into component parts to accomplish specific time-sensitive goals. In addition, she can identify hidden marketing opportunities often missed by others, and is an adept team builder. Her poised interpersonal finesse makes her approachable, and elicits a high degree of candor from clients. This level of socialization is a unique and essential characteristic when performing business development in the legal arena. Lisa is a forward thinking, well-networked professional with a deep knowledge of law firm and client relationships. I would highly recommend Lisa, and I am confident that you will be impressed.

Karen B. Testa | Docketing Coordinator | Blank Rome LLP
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