Ancient Greece had Hercules, the Romans had Jupiter; Lawyers have "The Rainmaker"
  I am happy to provide a positive reference for Lisa Goldstein . As an attorney in a law firm and chairperson of my firm's employment and HR law practice, I am charged with marketing my practice, developing new business and introducing new clients. I have attended several of Ms. Goldstein's training seminars and have found her and them to be most informative and impactful. Having attended many such seminars over the years, I have found myself learning again and again what I need to do, but learning very little about how to do it. Ms. Goldstein's seminars, and one-on-one coaching, approach business development from a very hands-on, goal-oriented perspective. After attending one seminar in particular last year, I was able to complete a solid and ambitious business plan for my practice in one day - the same plan that I had been attempting to draft for almost a year. And, yes, the implemented plan has been MOST successful for my practice.

I have been impressed with Ms. Goldstein's marketing and business knowledge, her ability to articulate and analyze, and her truly kind demeanor. Her company's services provide effective strategies for business development planning and implementation specifically addressing the idiosyncrasies of developing a legal practice. It is the implementation strategies that have helped me the most in achieving my business development goals. This is what distinguishes Ms. Goldstein's company from all the rest.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa Goldstein and Rainmaker Trainers.

Melissa S. Johnson, Esquire | McCausland, Keen & Buckman
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