You wouldn't walk into a courtroom or negotiate a major deal without a strategy; don't walk into a potential client's office without a strategy.

Gender Power Game™ Training

Rainmaker Training

Very little exploration of how sociological gender differences affect the buying process has been conducted. However, in a study conducted by RainmakerTrainers® and in support of our Gender Power Game theories, but contrary to public opinion, only 20% of sales managers agreed that women get better results when they sell to women. Therefore, the traditional professional service provider "Women's Initiatives" where women connect with other women, are not the most effective form of business development for women.

Our Gender Power Game™ training utilizes the Connection Selling™ method to teach women how to strategically connect with new clients, and how to utilize business development and communication strategies that will enable them to grow business relationships.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Gender communication differences can dictate the success or failure of your organization's leaders. Our Gender Power Game™ training teaches your key executives how different communication styles and sociological behavior can affect an employee's ability to effectively manage others, and to self promote.

We utilize our four step gender analysis survey to determine how gender plays a role in the makeup of your firm or company's key executive team; your culture; your employee retention and promotion; and your productivity. We then customize our core Gender Power Game™ training and coaching to help your key employees to improve their results.

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