Clients expect you to keep pace with the rapidly changing business world. Just because your business development program has worked for the past five decades does not guarantee future success.
  Lisa Goldstein Moderates Roundtable Discussion of Women Lawyers at the Philadelphia Bar Association

 Redefining Success: Women of the '80s & '90s Reach for a Different Brass Ring

Roundtable Discussion Moderated by Marla Joseph and Lisa Goldstein

In The Philadelphia Lawyer's Summer 2004 issue, a roundtable discussion with women lawyers who graduated law school in the 1970s revealed that these trailblazers opened doors for women choosing to enter the legal profession. More than thirty years later, we find that almost fifty percent of law school graduates are women, yet women represent only nineteen percent of law firm partners in Philadelphia. This led us to examine the definition of success for a woman lawyer. We asked women graduates from the 1980s and beyond to contact us so we could explore how women lawyers are defining success today, and examine potential barriers that make it more difficult for women to achieve power in the legal community. Our discussion raised the following significant issues:
  • Are women being given the same opportunities to succeed?
  • Are women seeking the appropriate mentors who will support their professional development?
  • How are women defining success in the legal community today?
  • Are women creating their own power by developing business?
  • Do women have to choose between family and the law?
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